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Life in Progress – Unfinished Art: The C-Shop at the University of Chicago

Exhibiting Paintings of Bond Chapel and The C-Shop

As part of Chicago Artists Month, I participated in an exhibit that focused on the creative process.  “
Unfinished showcases the unique process of creation: both through ‘finished’ and ‘unfinished’ works. The exhibit intends to demystify the process of art making by revealing how works-in-progress develop: How do artists do what they do?” (Curated by Julia Rochholz and AnySquared Projects). My completed painting was Bond Chapel, and my unfinished one was the C-Shop, both of which are part of my series of paintings of the University of Chicago campus.  

Creative Process
I am an architect, as well as an artist, and am inspired by the Gothic Revival architecture surrounding the Main Quadrangle on the University of Chicago campus. So, I often begin composing my paintings by taking pictures that focus on interesting architectural details, such as the beautiful ornate woodwork framing the windows of the C-Shop, a local campus coffee shop.

C-Shop Windows 


Developing Perspective

The next photo was a useful overview that I used to develop  the perspective for the painting’s composition. 



As I began the painting, I pencilled in parts of the perspective.

Digital Study

I took a digital photo of the painting-in-progress and used PhotoSuite to block out where to place the students in the composition.


Next step

Finally Finished!!!!
The exhibit was at New Wave Cafe, in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood for last year’s Chicago Artists Month.  New Wave Cafe turned out to be a very good place for an exhibit with lighting arranged to highlight each art work, as well as a congenial crowd.
This painting will be part of my solo exhibit in October, 2012 at CornerStone Art Center & Gallery in  Indiana. Cornerstone represents 19th Street Artists is at the Centier Bank building at 1500 119th Street, Whiting, Indiana