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Reaction To The Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg

by Leon Sarantos in Reactions to Artists
The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida opened just a few weeks ago.  I visited the museum last week, and as both and architect and an artist, I was totally taken by both the building ‘s architecture and the Dali art works on display.


Although Dali is not my favorite, I found the  presentation of his life’s work from age 8 to his final works fascinating.  The works were presented in a chronological order with plenty of pieces from each phase of his artistic development. It is a very comprehensive and inclusive presentation.

The architecture of the building itself was strongly influenced by his whimsical approach to subject matter in many of his famous paintings.  The windows seen to bubble up the side of the building (supported by a geodesic type of structure.) The center staircase of reinforced concrete swirls up like a ribbon, and comes to a point in mid-air. The building entertains the eye at every turn with these architectural features..

If you find yourself in St. Petersburg, be sure to take in this site.