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7 Deadly Sins Opening Reception – Find My Painting of Female Nudes at Studio 659, Whiting, Indiana, April 8 to 30

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit
7 Deadly Sins Exhibit

The exhibit concerned “Sloth. Pride. Envy. Lust. Gluttony. Wrath. Greed. Long held as the seven deadly sins, we see evidence of their presence daily in Western Society. Some of these sins are even ‘celebrated’ as virtues in modern society.” Studio 659 is at 1413 119th Street in Whiting, Indiana. This weekend’s opening reception for the 7 Deadly Sins exhibit was fun.  The curator, Kathleen Ulm, chose very engaging art from over 300 submissions.    

We had a lively crowd for the reception.

Contemplating envy and lust.

Lust, Love or Desire?

I was curious to see how artists portray sin and was not disappointed.  Several artists, including myself, chose lust as the sin of choice. My painting, Female Nudes, could be viewed as portraying lust, love or desire, or as celebrating the beauty and dignity of the human nude figure, depending on the mind-set of the observer.

Female Nudes


Another artist whose painting, 19, reflected on lust was Oscar M. Barraza


Wrath in Red

Wrath was well-portrayed in an angry painting by David Feingold, Emotional Combustion

Emotional Combustion


The Martyr, by Kyle Wood, was a powerful abstract expression of wrath.

The Martyr



Envy evoked strong responses, including another work by David Feingold:

My Stoic Lover


Quinton Foreman’s painting, Three Friends in White, portrayed gluttony.  I found his style to be evocative of Diego Rivera in his contrasting use of white clothing on the brown skin of his subjects, as well as their softly rounded contours.

Three Friends in White



Artist Steven Barrett portrayed greed in a lively painting.



Keeping up with the Joneses was the subject of Anthony Tremblay’s photo, part of his automotivology series.

The Joneses

There were many other intriguing paintings, photos and sculptures.  Studio 659 is located 20 minutes outside of Chicago in NW Indiana in the Historic Downtown District of Whiting, Indiana.  The gallery is open Thursday & Friday Noon – 7 PM and Saturdays 10 AM – 2 PM.  Hope you come and visit.