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Pop-up Art at Prak-sis Gallery – Find My Abstract Paintings at Inside Out Exhibit, May 18 to June 3

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

Pop-up Art

I am participating in my first exhibit at a Pop-up art space, Prak-sis Gallery in Chicago.  The Inside Out exhibit is curated by Chicago artist, Bill Moran.  I’m eager to experience this new type of venue first-hand.  Pop up galleries have become an international phenomenon.  Vacant commercial properties have become a common sight in the wake of the great recession.  As Time Out Chicago puts it:  “As the recession squelches demand for commercial properties, landlords from London to New York … have decided to turn their empty spaces over to art – temporarily – rather than let them languish as vacant eyesores.”

A lot of media attention has focused on Pop-up Art Loop in downtown Chicago, where artists have access to unoccupied storefronts for free.  According to the Chicago Reader, the procedure is that “Property owners give artists short-term leases with a’ten-day kick-out provision’ — the space remains on the market with rental signs up while it’s being used as a gallery, and if it gets rented it has to be vacated and returned to its original condition within ten days. The artist may then be allowed to relocate the gallery to another Pop-Up Art Loop space.”

Prak-sis Gallery

Other Pop-up Galleries have also developed outside of downtown Chicago.  I asked Nuria, the assistant curator for this show, “What happens when the gallery has to relocate? “  “That’s the challenge,” was her reply.  Apparently, they are up to the challenge as Prak-sis Gallery has been exhibiting in temporary spaces since 2009.  The current exhibit is at 1917 Irving Park Road in Chicago.  The opening reception was this Wednesday, May 18, and was well-attended.  I was pleased to find that my paintings were in very good company, with lots of talented artists.

A closing reception will also be held on Friday, June 3, 5 to 8, in coordination with Ravenswood ArtWalk First Fridays.  Two of my abstract paintings will be on exhibit,

Mexican Roadtrip and Interlocked Images – Venice.  Hope you come and visit.

Mexican Roadtrip

Interlocked Images – Venice

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