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Thoughts on Vision and Communism Exhibit – At Smart Museum Until January 22

by Leon Sarantos in Reactions to Artists
Viktor Koretsky, Vision and Communism Exhibit
I viewed the Smart Museum’s Vision and Communism featuring the Russian propaganda artist Viktor Koretsky.  What struck me about his art was his overpowering connection to the everyday man and woman.  With a minimum of figures and objects, he captured the essence of injustice in scenes of America, Africa, and war-torn Russia.  These are powerful images that ignite your attention and create a reaction of outrage and sympathy for those on the receiving end of evil.

Although many artists such as Rivera and Orozco portray the oppressed, they present them as suffering peoples who seem to be accepting their fate, or suffering in silent rage. But not Koretsky.  His victimized characters seem to leap off the art work with a defiant power that says “You can not destroy us! We will triumph!”.  It is this spirit that I found so mesmerizing.  

The show is brilliantly curated, and it deserves to be viewed by everyone with a serious
interest in art that that transcends conventional propaganda. The exhibit continues until January 22.  The Smart Museum is on the University of Chicago campus at 5550 S. Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637