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Industrial Art by Leon Sarantos, Studio 659 at Indiana Welcome Center. April, 2012

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

Lift Bridges And Silo At Calumet River


Digital Art Photo of the bridges over the Calumet River near 95th street in Chicago.  These center-span lift bridges are seen from a nearby silo.  Many different kinds of bridges were built along the Calumet River since its development in the 1860s. Since land and water traffic both needed throughways, this has meant the design of movable bridges. Land traffic was halted when ships needed to clear the bridge area. The Chicago skyway in the background was built to be a shortcut from State Street in Chicago to the steel mills on the Southeast border with Indiana.   On exhibit with Studio 659 at the Indiana Welcome Center, April, 2012.

Calumet River Bridges From 95th Street


Digital Art Photo: Bridges over the Calumet River near 95th street. These center-span lift bridges can be seen with the Chicago Skyway Bridge in the background. The bridges are at the border between Illinois and Indiana. Also on exhibit with Studio 659 at the Indiana Welcome Center, April, 2012.  

Indiana Welcome Center

Stop by the Indiana Welcome Center if you are visiting the South Shore area or just passing through. While you stretch your legs, you can view the unique building structure, enjoy the different exhibits in the W.F. Wellman Exhibit Hall, learn about the Gangster Era in the John Dillinger Museum and browse the gift shop.  You can also pick up a lot of information about all there is to see and do, not only in the South Shore area, but brochures from all over Indiana.

Off of I-80/94 on Kennedy Ave. South
7770 Corinne Dr., Hammond, Indiana
Winter, Spring and Fall Hours: Everyday 8am-5pm, Labor Day up to Memorial Day
Summer Hours: Everyday 8am-6pm, Memorial Day up to Labor Day
(Building closes at 5pm on July 4th)
Extended hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas
Call 800-ALL-LAKE or 219-989-7979 for exact times

219-989-7979 or 800-ALL-LAKE

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