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Abstract Figurative Art By Leon Sarantos, CornerStone Art Center & Gallery April – May, 2012

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit
Preacher Man


This portrait painting continues my push to use high contrasts of light and dark to present a quickly readable abstract pattern, which in turn contains realistic details and modeling in the shaded and highlighted areas.  

Struggle For Art IV:  CornerStone Art Center & Gallery

The exhibit,The Struggle For Art IV, is at the CornerStone Art Center, in the Centier Bank Building, 1500 119th Street, Whiting, Indiana. This exhibit is being held with 119th Street Artists, with curator, Jim Panos. The gallery is located 20 minutes outside of Chicago in NW Indiana in the Historic Downtown District of Whiting, Indiana.


 In this photo of the gallery, my Preacher Man painting is shown with Funnel Star, a sculpture by John Kramer, and John Q. Law, a silk-screen print augmented by acrylic by Chris Wankley.


Art exhibit organized by 119th Street Artists.

Artwork by Leon Sarantos

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