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Reception for Ordinary Things Exhibit At Studio 659, June, 2013

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

Three Potted Geraniums


My painting, Three Potted Geraniums, is on display in  the “Ordinary Things” exhibit at Studio 659, Indiana until July 6.  This painting portrays a nostalgic memory of the interior of my Chicago apartment.  (Oil on canvas, H 18 X W 16 inches $190)


Ordinary Things Can Be Extraordinary


In this exhibit, the art reminds us that what is ordinary in one life might not be ordinary in another.  Some artists have re-imagined “ordinary” in extraordinary ways.  Many Midwest regional artists attended our reception, last Friday night. We were greeted with an engaging art installation in the gallery window by Jules Kulchar-Naus.


The curator, Dawn Diamantopoulos, did an excellent job of selecting art for the exhibit.  It’s really good to have my art in the company of so many talented artists.  

Several photographers displayed their imaginative interpretations of the “Ordinary Things” theme.  

Water Pump by Kelly Lachata


I enjoyed the textured surface of the boards in the background of Water Pump by Kelly Lachata.

Penny by Paul Benninghoff



This strong photograph, Penny by Paul Benninghoff, is all the more striking for being beautifully framed … and it “makes sense” for the Ordinary Things theme.  (I could not resist the pun.)


Blackberries, by Carol Estes

Blackberries, by Carol Estes, is a very imaginative portrayal of ordinary items, fruit spilling out of a glass jar.  Her photo combines a really well-done use of composition, contrast, and colors.

Dirty Doll, by Mike Lewandowski


Dirty Doll, by Mike Lewandowski, is a totally engaging image that brings to mind Charlie Chaplins’s iconic character, the Tramp.

Apples, Grapes and Vases on Blue Cloth, by Leon Sarantos


It’s always a good feeling to see my art on display:  Apples, Grapes and Vases on Blue Cloth.

A Little About Us – Studio 659: Studio 659 is an Art Studio in the heart of the historic downtown district of Whiting, Indiana at 1413 119th Street.  Located only 30 minutes from Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan, Studio 659 is not only an art gallery but a studio which offers classes to youth and adults as well as puts on live music events, book signings and more.The Studio is headed by the Whiting Arts Council which was a brainchild of Mayor Joe Stahura.  The Council is made up of representatives from all of Whiting’s artistic organizations including: Whiting Lakefront Symphony, Marian Theatre Guild, Arts Alive!, 119th Street. Artists, Calumet College, Whiting High School’s Art Department as well as at-large members of the community who have art backgrounds.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday & Friday – Noon – 7 pm

Saturdays – 10 am – 2 pm.