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My Abstract Art in “Minute Musings” Regional Juried Exhibit: Reception Friday, 4/25

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

Minute Musings Exhibit


Jumping Jack


I’m really pleased to have my art in the “Minute Musings” exhibit at Union Street Gallery.

When: Reception on Friday, April 25, from 6 to 9 PM.  The reception is free, open to the public, and refreshments will be served.  The exhibit is on display now, and continues until May 10.  Hope to see you there.

What:  Regional juried exhibit of art that is 12 inches and smaller, curated by Jessica Segal, Gallery Director, and Madeline Henry, Union Street Gallery Studio Artist.  Artists from all over the Midwest entered over 250 artworks, and 69 were accepted.

My abstract painting, Jumping Jack, is on display.  My new abstract art explores the theme of networks.  In this series, I use painted networks to create a single result from its many individual lines. I start by applying swatches of color to the canvas in a random but slightly controlled composition.  Then, using a single color, I start outlining these swatches. Eventually, a figure or scene starts to emerge as the lines are laid in, just as a social network starts to take on a life of its own to create its final phenomena.  Like reading a Rorschach inkblot, my subconscious offers up a recognizable shape or scene from the materializing network.  In this process, my painting, Jumping Jack, evolved.  

“Small Art, Big Exhibit:  Art does not have to be large to make a statement. Some of the most powerful pieces of art are the smallest. Small art is deliberate and intimate; it draws the viewer in closer, causes them linger. Small art can be playful and whimsical like a toy, familiar like everyday objects, or precious like a small altar.” (Gallery press release)

Where:  Union Street Gallery is located at 1527 Otto Blvd.  Chicago Heights, Illinois.

Exhibiting artists include: Bruce Alves III, Lisa Ambrose,Shelby Bergen, Wayne Bertola, Tania Blanco, Diana Chrisman, Sherri Denault, Doug DeWitt,  Pam Eberlin, Susan Emmerson, J.S. Ferguson, Brian Gallagher, John Gutierrez, Carol Hamilton, Linda Lane Haynes, Ryan Hoevenaar, Fran Hollander, Melissa Huang, Mark Kennedy, Taehoon Kim, Renee Klyczek Nordstrom, Laura Lein-Svencner, Gray Lyons, Christine McCullough, Janice Meister,  Joe B. Milosevich, Ahavani Mullen, Jacqueline J. Nalls,  Greg Petecki, Barbara Pompei Boland, Ginny Raftery, Mark Reed, Michelle Richardella, Eric Rosell, Don Sala, Leon Sarantos,  Ian Matthew Shelly, Mary Ann Trzyna, L.A. Watson, Carol Weber, Linda Wilson, Linda Wilson, Kathryn Wingard, Chelsea Witherby, Matthew Wright, Vonda Yarberry.

About Union Street Gallery

This vibrant gallery space is in a historic landmark building, constructed as an Elks Club meeting house in 1926.  The three-story historic landmark building was rehabilitated with a two story open gallery space and artists studios filling the third floor. Today Union Street Gallery is the premier arts resource for the Chicago southland serving 3000 people per year through diverse art exhibits, classes and workshops, and art outreach projects. There are 14 studio artists and 26 guild artists.The Gallery continues to grow and establish itself as a sustainable arts and culture resource for the south suburbs.  it is located at 1527 Otto Blvd, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. Gallery hours: Wednesday and Thursday 12-5, Friday 12-6 Friday, Saturday 11-4.  For more information about Union Street Gallery visit the website

or call 708-754-2601.


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