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My Cityscape Paintings in Artistic License Exhibit: Studio 659

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit


Art Fair On Oliver Street


My art is on display in the “Artistic License” exhibit at Studio 659, Indiana, until November 29th. Indiana artist, Ish Muhammad, is this year’s juror.  Artists were invited to use artistic license in selecting the best of their art.

Opening Reception is on this Friday, November 7, 7-9PM.  Prizes and awards will be given in the first hour.

I’m very pleased that two of my paintings, Art Fair On Oliver Street and Cobb Hall, UChicago, were accepted.


Cobb Hall, UChicago

My Art Fair painting is based on the “For Love of Art” festival that has often been held in Whiting, Indiana.  The Cobb Hall painting is from a series of cityscapes of the Main Quadrangle on the University of Chicago campus. I’ve lived in Hyde Park for many years now and have enjoyed walking through the campus, picnicking at Botany Pond, and having a hot cup of coffee at the C-Shop on a winter’s day.  I’m also an architect and my paintings are inspired by the beauty of the Gothic Revival architecture in the Main Quadrangle.  In my art I see the architecture as symbolizing the conservative traditions and stable framework of the university. In contrast change is symbolized by the life and vibrancy of the student population, illustrated with their multiple electronic devices, backpacks, and diversity.


A Little About Us – Studio 659

Studio 659 is an Art Studio in the heart of the historic downtown district of Whiting, Indiana at 1413 119th Street.  Located only 30 minutes from Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan, Studio 659 is not only an art gallery but a studio which offers classes to youth and adults as well as puts on live music events, book signings and more.The Studio is headed by the Whiting Arts Council which was a brainchild of Mayor Joe Stahura.  The Council is made up of representatives from all of Whiting’s artistic organizations including: Whiting Lakefront Symphony, Marian Theatre Guild, Arts Alive!, 119th Street. Artists, Calumet College, Whiting High School’s Art Department as well as at-large members of the community who have art backgrounds.

Hours of Operation:


Thursday & Friday – Noon – 7 pm

Saturdays – 10 am – 2 pm.


Studio 659 website: 


More of my cityscapes, including my digital art, can be viewed at


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