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My New Paintings Combine Abstract and Representational Art – Available For Purchase

by Leon Sarantos in New Paintings

New Paintings

In my recent paintings I am developing an artistic approach that combines abstract and representational art.

Fading Flower

Fading Flower is an abstract painting done loosely, with the interplay of the reds as one element, the highlighted areas of the woman’s body and flower counterbalancing each other, and the purple providing the backdrop.  The theme is the fading of youth, both in the flower and the figure of a lady.  Even her face seems to be fading from  view as we watch.

Youthful Thoughts

Youthful Thoughts is a figurative painting of a nude man standing.  In it I portray a very restful young person who seemed completely at ease and deep in thought.  I used a strong contrast of light and dark, to the point that the painting combines abstract and representational art.

Preacher Man

This portrait painting,  Preacher Man, continues my push to use high contrasts of light and dark to present a quickly readable abstract pattern, which in turn contains realistic details and modeling in the shaded and highlighted areas.

Fine Art Prints of these paintings are also available on my Imagekind web site.