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Cobb Hall Latest UChicago Painting In My Chicago On Canvas Series

     Cobb Hall   Painting Details   I’m an architect, as well as an artist, and I like to paint the Gothic architecture on the UChicago quads. Cobb Hall is on display at CornerStone Gallery until September 5.  Cobb Hall at the University of Chicago was designed by architect Henry Ives Cobb, and is… read more

New Abstract Painting From My Networks Series: “Alpine Sunrise”

Alpine Sunrise (H 6 X W 12 inches, $120)  My abstract art series explores the theme of networks. I create a single result from many random lines, joining together to inspire an unexpected result, a surprise image. This is how my painting, Alpine Sunrise, evolved. Displayed In Solo Exhibit     Alpine Sunrise was displayed… read more

New Painting – “Loopy Llama”

  Loopy Llama (H 22 X W 28 inches, $390)  Loopy Llama is one of my new abstract paintings from my Networks series.  I start by applying swatches of color to the canvas in a random but slightly controlled composition.  Then, using a single color, I start outlining these swatches. Eventually, a figure or scene… read more

New Painting For South Lake Artist’s Group Show & Benefit

Tabbies In The Red Yarn, Diptych   South Lake Artist’s Co-op 4TH Anniversary Group Show The South Lake Artist’s Co-op 4TH Anniversary Group Show is at Paul Henry’s Art Gallery and features art by 25 Midwest artists.   All of the art created live during the show is part of a silent auction; 10% of each… read more

New Painting – Organic Creatures Cruising Lake Shore Drive

Organic Creatures Cruising Lake Shore Drive   This painting is part of an abstract series, Organic Creatures, that combines a feeling of whimsy with a sense of bizarre absurdity. It suggests to me a strange family of beings going on excursions.  This time they are cruising Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Painted in blue, gray… read more

My Painting In Honor Of Earth Day: Dawn Twilight – The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

Dawn Twilight – The Sun, The Moon, The Stars       This triptych painting is based on my memories of traveling in the High Sierra Mountains, of looking up to see the sky full of stars.  As today is Earth Day, it seems an especially appropriate time to post it.   In this artwork… read more

Chicago on Canvas: Cityscape Paintings and Photos of the University of Chicago

Cityscape Paintings and Photos of the University of Chicago I have explored several genres and styles over the years, including cityscape and landscape paintings, as well as portraits and figurative art.  The unifying theme in my art is conveying the feeling or mood evoked in me by the subject of my painting.  My first focus… read more

My New Paintings Combine Abstract and Representational Art – Available For Purchase

New PaintingsIn my recent paintings I am developing an artistic approach that combines abstract and representational art.Fading FlowerFading Flower is an abstract painting done loosely, with the interplay of the reds as one element, the highlighted areas of the woman’s body and flower counterbalancing each other, and the purple providing the backdrop.  The theme is… read more