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Thoughts on Vision and Communism Exhibit – At Smart Museum Until January 22

Viktor Koretsky, Vision and Communism Exhibit   I viewed the Smart Museum’s Vision and Communism featuring the Russian propaganda artist Viktor Koretsky.  What struck me about his art was his overpowering connection to the everyday man and woman.  With a minimum of figures and objects, he captured the essence of injustice in scenes of America,… read more

“The Tragic Muse” Exhibit At The Smart Museum at the University of Chicago

The Smart Museum of Chicago is just down the street from my place, so I dropped in to see their latest special exhibit called “The Tragic Muse.” I was impressed by the works of art in the exhibition, which includes paintings, prints,and sculptures of the highest quality and by such world renowned artists as Rodin,… read more

Reaction To The Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg

The Dali MuseumThe Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida opened just a few weeks ago.  I visited the museum last week, and as both and architect and an artist, I was totally taken by both the building ‘s architecture and the Dali art works on display.    Although Dali is not my favorite, I found the… read more