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Fine Art Prints Of University of Chicago Architecture & Stylized Paintings – On Display For Rogers Park ArtWalk

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

1st Annual Rogers Park ArtWalk

Rogers Park Business Alliance invites you to the 1st Annual Rogers Park ArtWalk.
This curated ArtWalk is currently taking place in the Glenwood Avenue Arts District and continues until Sunday, November 6, 2011.  Storefronts are displaying art work from 25 professional artists. Also, B1E Gallery, Evil Squirrel, Heartland Café and Lifeline Theatre are showcasing art.  This event was created to be part of Chicago Artists Month.  

I was pleased to be invited to apply for this exhibit.  My artwork for Rogers Park Art Walk includes digital photography and oil paintings.

Digital Gothic

Digital Gothic is a series of photographs of the University of Chicago campus that focuses on the Gothic Revival architecture of the Main Quadrangle.  I used computer manipulation of the images to develop unusual lighting, colors, and jumps in color gradation to create a dramatic modern photographic presentation of a century-old  architectural order.  In these photos the enduring architecture from this Gothic-revival era is expressed in almost non-objective terms, with strong variations of light and dark and with non-representational uses of color.  This series of photos includes digitally altered views of architectural details, including:  Cobb Hall Lamp With Ivy and Waterspout on Bond Chapel.

Cobb Hall Lamp With Ivy

This digitally altered photograph of Cobb Hall features a lamp with maroon and green ivy at the University of Chicago, Main Quadrangle. Cobb Hall at the University of Chicago was designed by architect Henry Ives Cobb, and is the oldest building on campus.  Cobb modeled his designs after the Gothic style of architecture at Oxford in England.  

Waterspout on Bond Chapel

This photograph of the waterspout on Bond Chapel uses shades of green.  Bond Chapel at the University of Chicago was designed by Coolidge & Hodgdon (1925–26) and is another excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture in the Main Quadrangle.

Oil paintings

This artwork displays a stylized approach to representational art that combines elements of an abstract painting superimposed over realistic objects.  The paintings include Lakeside City and Young Lady With Long Pipe, an abstract figurative painting.

Lakeside City

Lakeside City is a cityscape painting inspired by the view of the Chicago skyline at twilight.

Young Lady With Long Pipe
Young Lady With Long Pipe is an abstract figurative painting.
My art is in the windows of Act One – Mayne Stage at 1328 Morse Avenue.

The information center is at the office of the Rogers Park Business Alliance at 1448 W. Morse in Chicago from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Hope you come and visit our first Annual Rogers Park ArtWalk and celebrate Chicago Artists Month.
Featured Businesses, Galleries and Artists

B1E Gallery                    6902 N. Glenwood Ave.     Participating Exhibit
Caribbean Cuts             6904 N. Glenwood Ave.      Artist: Jeremy Tinder
Lifeline Theatre           6912 N. Glenwood Ave.       Participating Exhibit
Duke’s Bar                       6920 N. Glenwood Ave.       Artist: Luis A. Galvan
Evil Squirrel Comics   6928 N. Glenwood Ave.       Artists: Christopher Royal,  Steve Armstrong,  Lewis Lain
Finalmente Aquí Salon 1411 W. Morse Ave.           Artist: Jon Bollo
SubBrothers          1417 ½ W. Morse Ave.        Artists: Katie O’Conner,
Jean Reindl, Juan Gerena
The Common Cup            1501 W. Morse Ave.             Artist: Diana Berek, Molly Costello, Chiara Padgett, Juan Carlos Pérez
Rogers Park Community Council 1530 W. Morse Ave.  Artist: Shaun Vain
Rogers Park Business Alliance 1448 W. Morse Ave.  Artists: Matt Blake,  Mercedes Inez Martinez, Alenna Marie Sandy, Craig Tews, Molly Zakrajsek,  Josh McCallister
Los Portales Restaurant   1418 W. Morse Ave.  Artist: Mercedes Inez Martinez
Chuckie’s Bar 1412 W. Morse Ave.   Artists: Brenda Barnum, Keith Pollok
The Glenwood                   6962 N. Glenwood Ave.  Artists: Star Padilla, Leah Tumerman
Act One Pub / Mayne Stage  1328 W. Morse Ave.  Artist: Leon Sarantos

Free Customer Parking at Misión Cristiana Elim parking lot 1615 W. Morse Ave. (Ashland & Morse) every day from 8:00 am to 3:00 am WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS: no parking Fridays from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, no parking Sundays until 5:00 pm. LOT TOWED AT 3:00 AM DAILY.

Mile of Murals The Mile of Murals is a community public art project that is creating a mile of murals along  the concrete embankment of CTA Red Line tracks within the Glenwood Avenue Arts District from Pratt to Touhy on both sides of the tracks. This summer we are continuing the project with a new installment on the east side of Glenwood Avenue from Morse to Lunt. Local artists Lea Pinsky and Dustin Harris coordinated this wall; they led last year’s block-long mural from Lunt to Greenleaf. For this project RPBA and Clark/
Morse/Glenwood SSA #24 recruited, coordinated and oversaw a small group of professional artists that worked together as a cooperative: Diana Berek, Chiara Padgett and Juan Carlos Perez. This year’s theme for the project is “Patriotism in Everyday Life”.

Street Sculptures 12 sculptures were created by local resident, artist and business owner Andy DeLaRosa  (B1E Gallery) and other artists working at his gallery to be displayed on the street. These pieces of art, created entirely of recycled materials, are displayed on the sidewalk on Morse Avenue as a permanent exhibition.



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