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My Digital Gothic Cityscape Photos Are On Exhibit at the 6th Edition of the International Streaming Festival 12/1 – 12/18

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit
The Streaming Festival 6th Edition

The Streaming Festival 6th Edition is sponsored by the isfth foundation, The Hague, The Netherlands, from December 1 to 18, 2011.  This online international exhibit includes  Video Artists, and for the first time this year, also 2D Artists. I’m pleased that my Digital Gothic series of cityscape photos were selected for this curated exhibit and hope you visit online. Over 30 2D artists are participating, as well as many video and sound artists.

My Digital Gothic series includes oil painting and photography of the Gothic Revival architecture on the University of Chicago Main Quadrangle, including architectural gems like Bond Chapel and Botany Pond, an Olmstead design.  My photographic art uses images of related Gothic architectural details, like gargoyles, tracery and turrets, which are manipulated to create unusual lighting, colors, and jumps in color gradation.  This provides a dramatic modern, photographic presentation of this century-old architectural order in such a way that the order is more readily comprehended and appreciated by the general viewer.

Gargoyle at Cobb Gate

This digitally altered fine art photo is of a gargoyle at Cobb Gate.  Cobb Gate is a neo-Gothic archway at the northern entrance to the Main Quadrangle of the University of Chicago campus.  The gate, complete with gargoyles, was donated by Cobb to the university in 1900.  According to university lore, gargoyles at the bottom of the gate represent first-year students, second and third-years climb the gate, with this large griffin at the top representing fourth-year students.  This photo is part of a series that includes digitally altered views of architectural details, including the gargoyle.
Cobb Hall Lamp With Ivy

Digitally altered photograph of Cobb Hall lamp with maroon and green ivy at the University of Chicago, Main Quadrangle. Cobb Hall at the University of Chicago was designed by architect Henry Ives Cobb, and is the oldest building on campus.  Cobb modeled his designs after the Gothic style of architecture at Oxford in England.  This series of photos includes digitally altered views of architectural details, including the Cobb Hall lamp With Maroon Ivy, which was exhibited at Cornerstone Art Center and Gallery.
Blue Flowers at Botany Pond

This fine art photograph is of the fence and flowers surrounding Botany Pond at the University of Chicago, Main Quadrangle.  Botany pond was originally built as an outdoor research lab by John Coulter, who was the first chair of the botany department at the university.
These and several of my other cityscape photos are on exhibit online until Dec. 18.  Hope you come and visit, it’s only a click away.


2D Art live at International Streaming Festival today – Cityscapes of University of Chicago by Leon Sarantos

Streaming Festival 6th Edition Sponsor, Isfth foundation, The Hague, The Netherlands,