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My Digital Art Selected For Publication “Art Takes Times Square” 2012


Blue Flowers at Botany Pond

Good news today! My digital art, probably this Blue Flowers at Botany Pond image, was selected for publication in the 2012 art book “Art Takes Times Square.”  

I was very honored this week to learn that the editorial committee selected my digital art for publication in the forthcoming 2012 art book “Art Takes Times Square.”  The photo, Blue Flowers at Botany Pond, portrays the fence and flowers surrounding Botany Pond at the University of Chicago, Main Quadrangle.  Botany pond was originally built as an outdoor research lab by John Coulter, who was the first chair of the botany department at the university.  To see more of my cityscapes, visit my website at:

The book will present selected art from the Art Takes Times Square event held on June 18, co-produced by the artists support groups, Chashima and Artists Wanted.  Art was chosen from over 35,000 entries to display on the billboards of Times Square.  To learn more about this event check out the following links.




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