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Chicago cityscapes By Leon Sarantos In ArtConneKt International Exhibit, United Kingdom, 9/1-9/14

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

If you are near Wales in the UK, you are welcome to visit our group show, ArtConneKt International Exhibit, where my Chicago cityscapes are on display from October 1 to 14.  I’m really pleased to be participating in this international exhibit at Oriel Bach gallery in Wales, UK.  Thanks to gallery artist, Owen Martin, for organizing the event.  

Digital Art: Chicago Cityscapes

My artworks for the exhibit feature my digital art Chicago Cityscapes from two series:

Digital Gothic:  Scenes from the University of Chicago campus, featuring details from its Gothic Revival architecture.  These artworks were featured in Art Takes Times Square and include:  Hull Court Gate, which was the one chosen for the Times Square billboards.  

Hull Court Gate

Blue Flowers At Botany Pond is also on display.  This artwork was selected by the editorial committee for an upcoming art book, Art Takes Times Square 2012.

Blue Flowers At Botany Pond


Chicago City of Bridges:  Scenes from the bridges and urban landscapes at 95th Street and the Calumet river, including Infrastructure Madness. 

Infrastructure Madness


Oriel Bach Gallery

Oriel Bach Gallery is an exhibition space for both established and emerging artists. Located at 4 Dunns Lane, Mumbles, Swansea, SA3 4AA, United Kingdom.  Phone contact: +44 1792 361012.  Oriel Bach is open from 11am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday, 12PM to 4PM on Sunday.

Evolution Of An Exhibition

Artists from the previous Art Takes Times Square Exhibition are participating. I, like thousands of artists, was drawn to this earlier event by the opportunity to display my art on the billboards of Times Square.  The event was hosted by ArtistsWanted, which is an organization developed to support emerging artists. Many artists from this event then formed a group, ArtConneKt, on Facebook and collaborated online to organize our exhibit. If you are in Wales, UK, this month, you are welcome to stop by.

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