22.00"x28.00" Oil on Canvas, unframed


Description of Loopy Llama

“Loopy Llama” is one of my new abstract paintings from my Networks series. I start by applying swatches of color to the canvas in a random but slightly controlled composition. Then, using a single color, I start outlining these swatches. Eventually, a figure or scene starts to emerge as the lines are laid in, just as a social network starts to take on a life of its own to create its final phenomena. Like reading a Rorschach inkblot, my subconscious offers up a definite recognizable shape or scene from the materializing network. In this way my painting, Loopy Llama, emerged. This artwork was displayed at my solo exhibit at CornerStone Art Gallery, Indiana, 2013. It is also available at Artfinder, which is a curated online gallery based in London.
In order to keep shipping rates low, this painting is shipped as a rolled canvas. The rolled canvas is wrapped around wooden stretcher bars that can be used to re-stretch it after arrival. Prices for my paintings do not include shipping costs.