24.00"x36.00" Oil on canvas, unframed
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Description of Organic Creatures Visiting Washington

Abstract painting. Primary colors: red, yellow, blue. Much of my work is very planned, deliberate, and slow to evolve. At some point, I like to stop work on such a piece and do another painting that I almost attack with energy and colors, with none of the deliberation of my usual approach. This abstract, Organic Creatures Taking the White House Tour was one of these quick paintings in vivid primary colors. I actually envisioned it in an instant behind my eyelids as I was rubbing my eyes after some tiring work. I tried to apply the image to canvas quickly, adding all kinds of color and quick composition, while keeping the main figures true to my vision. When finished in about 2 hours, I looked at the finished piece and felt that here were some strange creatures doing something, and sensed that they were on a sightseeing tour. I picked the title with a sense of humor. I am doing more oils of this same family of creatures moving about in different settings. On display at CornerStone Art Center & Gallery, April – May, 2012.
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