12.00"x16.00" Oil painting on canvas & Print, unframed

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Description of Still Life With Mannequin Hand

Still life of globe, cup and mannequin hand. Primary colors are blue, grey and red. Still Life With Mannequin Hand is one of a series of paintings in which I am developing an artistic approach that combines abstract and representational art. The objects and shapes in this still life are readily recognizable, but are portrayed in a stylized manner with outlines in strong black lines. An atmosphere of tension pervades the painting. The globe is perched unsteadily on a pile of books, while the mannequin’s hand leans somewhat precariously over the edge of the table.
This painting won Best of Show award at Cornerstone Art Center & Gallery for the Value, Volume and Variety Exhibit in Whiting, Indiana from 5/2 to 7/1, 2011.
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