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Find Prints of My Paintings on Imagekind – I’m a Featured Artist Today, May 2


My Prints Are Featured Art at Imagekind – Major Web Site for Shopping For Fine Art Prints

I’m pleased to be a Featured Artist today at Imagekind, which is a major web site for prints of art and photograpy.   My art on Imagekind includes a selection from landscapes, still lifes, portraits and figurative paintings

Landscape Paintings

My landscapes that are available as prints include both of my Barra de Navidad paintings, Woman Wading in Barra de Navidad and Bougainvillea Garden in Mexico, as well as my Midwestern regional art, Dockside at Camp Wausaukee.

Woman Wading in Barra de Navidad
Bougainvillea Garden in Mexico
Dockside at Camp Wausaukee


One of my portraits, Preacher Man, is available at Imagekind as a Fine Art Print.  Another, Fading Flower, is also included in my figurative paintings gallery.

Preacher Man

Fading Flower

Figurative Paintings

More prints of my figurative paintings that are available for purchase at Imagekind include Youthful Thoughts, Suzanne in Repose, Female Nudes and Coming to Terms. 

Youthful Thoughts


Suzanne in Repose

Female Nudes

Coming to Terms
Still Life Paintings

So far, two of my still life paintings are available as prints, Sunflowers in Vase and Three Potted Geraniums.

Sunflowers in Vase

Three Potted Geraniums  


Cityscapes Paintings of the University of Chicago Quadrangle

Prints of two of my cityscape paintings are available for purchase, Gargoyle Overlooking Hull Court and Bond Chapel.

Gargoyle Overlooking Hull Court

Bond Chapel.

I have just recently set up my web site at Imagekind.  I plan to make more of my paintings available as prints over time.  Hope you visit my site.  I am also interested in your experience with Imagekind either as artists selling prints or as people seeking to buy art.  Comments anyone?


Imagekind Featured Artists for Monday, May 2

My Imagekind web site is at: