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My Painting, Preacher Man, Featured By Resident Curator of Artists2Artists, 8/27/2012


My Painting, Preacher Man, Featured: Artists2Artists

I am very pleased to learn that my painting, Preacher Man, was just selected as a Featured Work by  Kristen T. Woodward who is the resident curator of  She is a Professor of Art at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Artists2Artists is a curated web site that provides selected artists with the opportunity to post their art, as well as to interact with other artists.  

Ms. Woodward comments:

“I see deliberate emphasis on solidity of form in these works, reminiscent of the early paintings of Cezanne and Matisse.  I wonder if the Modernist association is intentional?  Preacher Man, in particular, is an interesting amalgamation of flat shapes that maintain portions of their structural identify despite the merger of contoured edges describing form.   I agree with your (the artist’s) assessment of realism crossing over into abstraction, but I see a more sophisticated blending of local and expressive color.  The figure’s jacket and right side of face offer nuanced cool hues, softly blended into smoky violet tonalities. The atmospherically flat red-orange ground provides a striking contrast to the somber mood of the remaining color palette. But I like that the deeper violet crosses over the top left edge of the picture plane, containing the reddish color block.  The black lines within the figure also help to organize the space, and allow the visual movement to travel in an extreme diagonal.  Fading Flower shares an intriguing blend of geometric compartmentalization of space.  But in this piece I believe the more somber hues traveling across shape boundaries create greater overall unity but less tension.”

Really?  Reminiscent of the early works of Cezanne and Matisse?  Really?  They are two of my favorite artists!

Preacher Man 
I also appreciate her thoughtful comments on my abstract, figurative painting:
Fading Flower



Artists2Artists Curator Comments 


Preacher Man
Fading Flower