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My Steel Giants Digital Art in Exposure 2013 Exhibit, New York City

by Leon Sarantos in New Exhibit

Exposure 2013 Exhibit, New York City


95th And Calumet Lift Bridge

The Exposure 2013 exhibit opened last Thursday, 6/11 in the New York City gallery sponsored by, a web-based arts organization.  This digital exhibition features photography from over 100 countries presented on monitors and projected on the back wall of the gallery.  The exhibit will continue this week at See | Exhibition Space  26-19 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY.  The lively crowd at the reception enjoyed art, music and refreshments.   If you are in the NY area, you’re welcome to stop by.


The curators selected several digital art photos from my Steel Giants series:  including  95th And Calumet Lift Bridge, Lift Bridges, Skyway, Merge and Street Light And Train Signal.


Lift Bridges, Skyway, Merge

Steel Giants Of The Heartland

This series developed from the scenes I viewed as I drove between my studio in Chicago and galleries where I show my art in Indiana.  I pass through an industrial area at 95th Street and the Calumet River.  This area strikes me in two ways, severely depressing … completely fascinating!  During my early drives, I only saw the rusting, forgotten and half-abandoned buildings, bridges, electrical towers, train tracks … a sight reflecting the diminished industrial  might of the American Heartland,  Eventually, though, I developed a senses of awe – pride even – for these powerful icons of a recent era, an era of boundless dynamic energy.  These outsized icons now loom here in this gigantic, eerie, outdoor museum.

I use my art to honor these symbols. I choose not to portray them as sad and in advanced decline, but as structures to be admired.  I use their digitally altered photographs to go beyond what the eye sees today to capture the area’s past energy, and to hint that America’s strength is still within us.

In addition to the Exposure 2013 exhibit,   I’ve been honored to display my digital art in several curated exhibits, both nationally and internationally.  For more about these exhibits, check out my art blog,  My 1012 Highlights: Digital Art


Digital art is opening up a fascinating new form of artistic expression, and I hope to continue to share its possibilities with you